TV Programs

The multifaceted set of skills that revolve around the world Multi Media Net (directing, screenwriting, editing, computer graphics, 3D, production) allows the company to follow 360 º the development of entire television programs, taking advantage of the set of Cologno or shooting outdoors, also in collaboration with other large Italian television production facilities.


Storytelling is the frontier. Multi Media Net has for years paid primary attention to the dynamics of storytelling for every material produced.  The challenge of producing a wide-ranging narrative product is what Multi Media Net wants to do in the short term.  Technology and corporate inspiration can only point us in this direction, already experienced in Beyond the Mistery.

TV Spot

Organizational, productive and management skills combined with technology and a creative freshness that has become the backbone of our company, allow us to propose ourselves as an ideal partner for television commercials.

Our agile and young structure allows us to pack products from the quality/ price ratio really advantageous.

The classical realization of an audiovisual product, with digital technologies and professional troupe, represents a fundamental element of the DNA of the Multi Media Net.

Corporate Videos

Companies often turn to us to make traditional corporate videos.

Traditional does not mean trivial, Multi Media Net allows companies to use emotional videos that can arouse empathy in customers, calibrating informative narratives but also able to excite.


For many years it was the company’s core business. The large virtual studio of the Cologno office has made us a privileged partner of the largest national television companies.  The ten-year experience in the field offers total guarantees, but the desire for contemporaneity and updating allows Multi Media Net to produce content that is always in step with the times, especially thanks to the engineering staff that follows the constant updating of the virtual studio.

Colors, shapes and fantasy come together in a virtual scene, which can become what you want, from a spaceship to a fairy forest, up to the cave of a superhero.  As never before in this context, our technology allows a completely integrated environment with the product.  It’s like living in a cartoon, to impress the imagination of young and old.

Virtual places, semantically characterized by concepts, brands, services or projects, within which to interact with the surrounding environment, visually shaping reality, are just some of the many examples of using a virtual scene, to give strength and effectiveness to integrated communication.


The mission of a Creative Agency is to write compelling and functional stories in line with clients’ needs.

Multi Media Net builds multimedia narratives where words and images are part of a coherent and versatile storytelling flow, in line with the pace of today’s times.