Compositing and VFX

Visual effects are an essential part of the success of any advertising spot or modern film.

The post-production work of live-action footage allows you to make ultramodern videos, with animation, backdrops and effects that reproduce the most diverse natural or science fiction sceneries. Compositing video is essential for digital production. Improving and embellishing a video through digital effects, animated graphics, overlaying different clips of video, provide a high control of the final result and countless new creative possibilities of an audio-visual project.

Through camera tracking we can reconstruct the camera motion during a shot and in post-production, with computer graphics we can integrate in the video the position, motion and lighting of any object.

3D Computer graphics

We develop new and innovative solutions as per client’s needs so to offer tailor-made 3D models. Rendering is a key word in our vocabulary together with augmented and virtual reality. Our architectural visualization and 3D rendering services help to bring out all the details necessary for the projects, through the analysis of the materials, lighting and most evocative sceneries. Our 3D experts are able to perfectly blend the client’s models with any scene, graphic or photographic context.

To create a character, developing not only the shape but the personality, the qualities and faults, all through modelling and sculpturing, requires passion and creativity and this is what Multi Media Net offers the client.

Our 3D modeling technicians can develop high-poly or low-poly models of any object for any application (e.g. cinema, videogames). 3D animation is at the pinnacle of the creativity process. Applications are endless, from logo animation to recreating real world moving objects in software designed specifically for 3D animation. Such programs allow 3D modelers to create the illusion of movement needed to bring objects to life.

Color Grading

Colour grading means giving a distinctive look to the final video. The significance of this particular stage comes from the fact that colour has a powerful role in creative storytelling. The only way to understand this is seeing in person how good we are at “adjusting” the colour of the images in different situations.