Renato Pizzamiglio

He founded several companies in the communication industry, relying on his digital convergence know-how, which helped him creating profitable synergies. In 2010 he founded Vi.So, a Virtual Reality platform that made a name for itself thanks to a highly innovative offer, and in 2020 he developed the project that transformed Vi.So into Multi Media Net.

Sergio Abate
Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

A manager with 30 years of experience in Planning, Business Management & Innovation of complex Business Units (private, national and multinational companies). Throughout his career Abated developed a deep know-how in Digital Publishing and Innovation for the media (RCS MediaGroup, R.T.I., Sport Network-Amodei Editore) and telecommunication sector (Vodafone, Fastweb, WindTre). He also worked in the Digital Publishing industry (News, Sport, Automotive and Entertainment).

Paolo Bertelli
Commercial Director

Managing Operational Director in the field of Market Research and has experience in the field of commercial management and loyalty campaigns for the main large-scale retail chains. For several years he has worked in the Tourism Sector as Commercial Director for important leaders in Edutainment, and for the enhancement of Public and Private Structures for recreational, cultural, educational and research activities.

Gianluca Carbone
Technical and organisational Manager

Manager, creative talent, record producer, national collaborations with: RTL 102.5, Radio Kiss Kiss, Network, Radio Marte, Radio Club 91, Radio Tour (Radio), Canale 21, Canale9, 7 Gold (TV). International collaborations with TM Century, Thompson Creative and Disney.

Antonio Castoldi
Chief Technology Officer

Many years of experience in the Broadcast and Telecommunication sector, following several projects of the Mediaset Group. He developed TV production and playout systems, DVB compression and relevant “conditional access” systems for Pay TV. He created, developed and managed switching and broadcast routing systems and had important roles in monitoring the national fiber-optic network.  For many years he has been part of the EI Tower R&D Department.

Giuseppe Consolo
Programming Director

He has a significant experience at multinational companies and a deep knowledge of the TV market, the digital and on-demand environment, having worked for medium and large production companies. Consolo is a goal-oriented person who relies on teamwork and never on the individual. This makes him the ideal leader for a team of producers, writers, directors/editors, ready to produce original and innovative content. His responsibility is to discover, acquire and develop the perfect idea for the Group and for the relevant programming.

Armando Giacomassi
HR Director

He is an experienced professional with deep knowledge of human resource management. He has experience in effectively planning, designing, developing and evaluating human resource-related initiatives that support organizational strategic goals. He developed strong communication and managerial skills that enabled him to cover different roles within the company. Throughout the years he has ensured the organizations compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations, and recommended best practices.

Mario Negro Cusa
Tech Supervisor

He started working in the TV industry in the 80s, in one of the first production and post production company in Milan, initially as a production truck crew member and then as an operator in post-production. He has a deep experience as a technical facility manager for TV products and commercials, as well as visual effects for cinema.  He was Project Manager and Technical Director of the start-up company Canali TV, broadcast on the digital terrestrial, satellite and DVB-H platforms. He accrued broadband experience working at Web-TV; he developed applications for mobile and Smart TV that implement “second screen” and stereoscopic multimedia productions.

Luigi Nino
Quality Production Director

He was CEO of Viso Video Solutions, following also the technical area. For the radio group RTL 102.5, he designed and developed TV studios (RTL 102.5 TV, Radio Zeta TV and Radio Freccia TV), together with the organization of public events. At Netco Sports Italy he was the Supervisor of the HD Inter channel. He was also responsible for Centro Epson Meteo TV production, for which he planned the structure and managed the entire area for more than ten years. Collaborating with EBD, he was the project leader of Inter Channel / Sky and supervisor for the Gazzetta TV project. He also worked as Director of Photography.

Umberto Zapelloni
Head Editor of

He started working with Montanelli at Il Giornale where he became Formula 1 and big sports events correspondent for more than 15 years. In 2001 he moved to Corriere della Sera where a year later he became Editor in Chief of Sports and Motors Newsroom. From 2006 to 2018 he had been Deputy Editor of Gazzetta dello Sport (Motors area / CONI and Federations relations / Sport Week). Currently he is the head editor of the sport supplement of Il Foglio and collaborates with Il Giornale, L’Automobile, Sky, Mediaset and RAI, besides managing the blog